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oh, I do miss Barcelona…
I didn’t think I would, but every once in awhile images pop up in my head and suddenly, I’m wandering the streets and alleys of the bustling city that is Barcelona.

SO, how was it? the food was decent but I think the ambiance was what did it. The Catalan
spoken in the background and the hole-in-the-wall feel of the place made me feel miles away from New York City.

Maybe it’s time for a trip…

56 Avenue C
btw. 4th & 5th St
NYC 10009 

t. 212-777-2277

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IT was interesting…

12 bucks for a bowl of noodles, pickled veggies + ice cold barley tea…

NOT BAD! but then the noodles came and it was kind of on the small 


Was it good thought? it was ok.  

Would I go back though? hmm…maybe not. 

Yuji Ramen

Whole Foods Mkt : Bowery

2nd Fl. Mezzanine

95 E Houston Street

New York, NY

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boo hoo hoo ~ summer is coming to a close…

@ Union Square Farmer’s Market.

[WOW! just realized that last entry on my BLOG was in January.  Sorry for the disappearance, just got caught up with…ummm…life, I guess.  I will try to fill in missing entries in the next couple of days.]

Anyways, if you’re ever in town and am fanatical about fresh produce - UNION SQUARE Farmer’s Market is YOUR place to be.  Be sure to click on the link for additional info because they are only there on certain days and hours.  

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